01.05.14 The HotBird: VDL Analogics in conjunction with Ace from Skunk Anansie have created something really special to stomp on.

07.13.06 Carl Verheyen: one guitar, one amp and VDL Overdrive.
Pict (thanks to Gianni Gori)

07.10.06 The Studio Line is now available in two different graphic versions: beyond the Silver finish, now the Black finish is available too. See pictures in Products pages.

06.14.06 Links to some users' reviews have been added to Pedals descriptions. Thanks to www.guitartalks.it.

06.06.06 A new optical two-channel compressor is currently being developed. It will join the DuePre in the Studio Line. The Products pages now include a new "Una Tantum" Section, showing custom roducts ade to satisfy particular requests.

05.28.06 Finally online the VDL Professional Analogics official site, still under construction. Audio demo files and user manuals of all products will be soon available.